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Jesus Falls with the Cross
"Jesus falls under the weight of His suffering and from the exhaustion of His body." IPP Script
One of the most moving features of The Iona Passion Play is the use of the "Stations of the Cross" recorded in 1959 by the late Fr Tim Long OMI.

His deep Irish accent admirably suits the compassion and gentleness of Christ portrayed in the scenes on the Road to Calvary.
The Iona Passion Play is a two and a quarter hour presentation in traditional European form.

The script was first written in 1958. Since then it has undergone approximately twelve revisions including a TV script and one for schools.

Originally the script was written for an outdoor performance and traditionally there is no intermission.

The clever design of the script allows for the cast to swell in numbers by inviting members of the local community to become Roman soldiers, Sanhedrin or crowd.
The props used and costumes worn by the performers have been researched and are, where possible, historically correct.

The intense rehearsal schedule takes place weekly over the two months before Easter at Iona College, Brisbane.
The Roman Army
Jesus is taken to Pilate
... They put Jesus in chains, led him away, and handed him over to Pilate. Mk 15:1
The Roman Army
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The Most Rev. Donald Robinson, Anglican Archbishop of Sydney ...
"It was a very impressive performance, presented with both skill and reverence. Thank you for an enriching experience."